Aug 21

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Craving bubble tea? Keep calm and drink Goatea!

by Federal Way Tourism


Originating from Taiwan, bubble tea, also commonly known boba tea, has become widespread not only throughout the Asia, but also in North America. It seems nobody can resist the sweet, ice-cold tea topped with chewy tapioca balls coated in syrup.

Whether you prefer tea, milk tea, or blended smoothies, Goatea, a local bubble tea shop in Federal Way, is the place for you to get your Taiwanese beverage. With over 40 flavors of tea, and 14 toppings, along with customizable sweetness and ice levels, anybody can craft their own personal drink to satisfy their bubble tea craving.

My go-to drink is their signature royal milk tea, which has a black tea base, with tapioca pearls, 50% sweetness, and regular ice. The flavor of the black tea and sweet milk, along with the soft texture of the tapioca pearls is a match made in heaven. If you’re in the mood for a lighter beverage, try opting for the ices lychee green tea with lychee jelly.

So what are you waiting for? Stop by Goatea in Federal Way and pop your straw into the plastic seal lid of your bubble tea.

For more info, visit Goatea’s Yelp page.


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